White Bread from James Beard

When I last made this bread, I used potato water and had a wonderful loaf.  Today  I made it with regular water and find that my oven is conspiring against me.  I have had temperature control issues with this electric oven ever since we moved into our house;  the oven came with.  After I burned a few meals, I invested in an oven thermometer and discovered the temperature ran fifty degrees F hotter than the dial indicator showed.  I have since compensated and all has gone fairly well.  So today, it seems to have reverted to matching the dial.  What’s up with that?  The result is that it took longer to come up to temp, and never made it to 400, but rather 375F.  Normally, not a huge problem, but I noticed my bread lost some of its rise, a sure sign of a too cold oven.

Fast forward a few hours:  The bread tasted great!  Had a nice texture and flavor, though I do think the potato water adds on the flavor score.  Even the small drop in rise, about a half inch, did not adversely affect the texture.  I love this bread!

Again, the recipe is from ‘Beard on Bread’ and is the first one in the book, Basic White Bread.


~ by k9dancer on June 21, 2013.

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