First time fish

I love eating fish;  all kinds of fish.  I can’t tell one from another, I have never caught a fish, and before yesterday, had never filleted one, either. Well, thanks to watching Chef Anne Burrell teach her team of Worst Cooks, I followed her instructions and butchered 2 Tilapia.  Brilliantly?  I think not, but I did manage to keep the bones out of our meal.  BTW, those two fish weighed in at 1.5 pounds total, 2/3 of which was waste.  Someone more experienced could make stock out of those fish heads and bones; ( I fed them to the chickens and the duck, who I noticed didn’t care for them, either.  Go figure.)  Anyway, I carefully floured my tiny filets, then coated them in egg whites as I was out of whole eggs, and fried them up in some oil.  I did remember to season them as they came out of the pan, and they weren’t half bad, considering this was my first attempt.  I;m happy to do it again, but the next time, ‘ll leave the butchering to a pro.  I figure those filets cost  about 10 bucks a pound.


~ by k9dancer on June 19, 2013.

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