Treats from the CIA

Yesterday, my buddy Carolyn and I made James Beard’s Basic White Bread from Beard on Bread, and we made from Cooking at the CIA: Individual Chocolate Custards and Lemon Tart.
So far, all of the James Beard bread recipes have been a hit, and this one is too. I do think I preferred it the way I made it the first time, reducing the salt from one tablespoon to two teaspoons. The bread rose faster and seemed airier.
What can I say about the chocolate custard other than, “Oh, yes, do try this.” You must at least double the recipe. I topped with unsweetened whipped cream for a little bit of heaven.
Now the Lemon Tart from the same book was more of a good news/bad news story. First the good news: the lemon curd is seriously outstanding. Seriously. Make this.
The tart dough, while having a lovely lemon shortbread flavor, was way too soft for its own good, and we had to add more flour just to be able to roll it out. I have no idea why it called for self rising flour, and the oil contributed to the overall mushiness of the dough. We preferred our old standby pate sucree recipe.
Today I made panne cotta. Maybe I’ll even share with the DH.


~ by k9dancer on June 1, 2013.

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