Cuppa’ Joe 2

caffe-webNot a morning person? Can’t even talk to you ’til you’ve had a cup of coffee? Does the local coffee bar know you by name and hand over your ‘usual’ without your having to place an order? Are you on automatic ship from both Gevalia and Starbucks, and you still run out before the end of the month? It’s because you drink coffee well into the night as you are making ATC’s, right? Then you might as well make an ATC about it! Cuppa’ Joe, 6/5, Due July 30. All media (original and digital okay; no photocopies) and interpretations of the theme welcome. Tasteful nudity allowed; please remember that these will most likely be shown at the receiver’s local coffee bar. Please include a mailing label and 1.50 postage. International players may send an extra ATC (any subject) and/or ephemera instead of postage. Your mailing container may be recycled to you, or I may find something else if it doesn’t work out. Post a comment here to sign up, preferably by July 14. You need not put your email in the post; I will get it from your comment form. Late signups okay from USA. International players should allow 3 weeks for your cards to arrive. Players, please email me when you mail your cards. I will confirm receipt when I get them.


~ by k9dancer on May 10, 2009.

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